​ Jackie Detmers

Sandy, Utah  USA

        Karla  M. Jay, USA

    Literary Consultant

Sam loves working with kids. He taught acrobatic skills to young girls with ACT  (Acrobatic Circus Troup) for many years. Sam is a  kind gentleman of 23 who is a deep thinker and planner.   Sam is always looking for the positive in life.  His vision is to assist children  all over Uganda and beyond those borders  He spent  six  months as a performer/ entertainer in China and brings those skills he learned there working in a new environment and language.  He will choose library locations and work closely with the Ambassadors at each library and assist  as CLIP is begun in the villages. He is Office Manager and CLIP Procurement & Distribution Director.. 

A former RN, graduate of  Brigham Young University, Lynda has always been active in charity work. She was President of the Utah Congressional Award, founded the KidsEat! program. and adviser to the Murray Children's Pantry. She has earned numerous awards for Community Service including the Heart & Hands Award, Utah Philanthropic Day and a National Dependable Leader Award from Maytag.  She will act as President of Kids Read. 


    International Team !

      Tagaba Hassan, Uganda

      Skilled Kids Read Artisan

     Sharifah Nayiga

         (Salt Swartz) 

      Kampala, Uganda

CLIP Acting Director 

Dental Exams

  ​    Ryland J. Shaw

So. Jordan, UT USA

It takes a team of dedicated international volunteers to make sure our MISSION is reaching as many children as possible. Our goal is to provide children access to free books and education. We're fortunate to have the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause. Listed below will be on the Board of Directors of the Kids Read Foundation in both the US and Uganda. In the meantime, you can help a child begin to learn by contacting us about sponsorship in CLIP (Children Learning Independently Program) . 

Salt is an efficient, ambitious young woman who joins us from a recent job in the Middle East.  She has excellent writing skills, and will  function as secretary of the Uganda Team Board meetings. She  will act as Asst. Director of CLIP, our at-home education program. She will help with the registration,  train Ambassadors in running  the program and work with Tutors.  She will be the Liason between  Ambassadors  and Home Office.   She will give the  support they need  to implement the "Children Learning Independently Program.  She is 22 years of age. 

David is a very busy man as an advocate for young women in the courts of Kampala & Administrator of Grace Place Christina Schoo for children. His extensive education and experience provides Kids Read with a  seasoned professional  . He has an action based personality, a tempered disposition.  and only wants to give back to humanity and assist his community and its children. David will be in charge of securing our NGO. (Non Government Organization) and act as our CFO/Treasurer. He will oversee CLIP as an Advisor. 

Rosette comes to Kids Read with a great background.  She is a graduate of Ndejje University, with  a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management  and a has a certificate in business computing.   She has great leadership  and communication skills. She is a great motivator and will be a great addition to our Uganda Team. She is a self starter and is a great at administrative skill and maintaining records..  

Eric received his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Utah and specializes in tax and 501c3

matters.  Formerly on the Board of KidsEat! Eric will be our acting attorney on the Board. 

Hassan is a very skilled craftsman who was chosen to be the official carpenter of the Kids Read Program. His skill in building our libraries and getting the art work done is awesome and we appreciate his dedication and skill. 


​​Robert (Bob) Dean, USA

It's all about the kids !

About Us

Kigulli  Shafik Juma 


      CLIP Photographer

Shaun Delliskave

Murray, UT  USA

Jeannine Marlowe, USA

         Program Adviser 

    Bob Dunn

Murray, Ut USA 

This honor student is currently a Sr.  at the University of Utah and interned in  Washington, DC with the Dept. of Interior. Ryland brings a wealth of IT experience to KR and will assist in media & social media content.  Formerly a KidsEat! volunteer. He is our US  Social Media expert.

Meet Edison who acts as the Asst. to Sam Bagenda, our CEO. Edison is always willing to help with our food giftings, and will assist with CLIP by helping with registration, and distribution of materials to children.  Edison has been a performer and acrobat the past few years. He is excited to be part of Kids Read and bring an huge enthusiasm to our program.


Shaun is experienced in government, healthcare and higher education consulting. Clients include State of Utah, Univ. of Utah, 

 Huntsman Cancer Institute and Kids Eat Foundation. He has  dual Master's Degrees in Public Admin. & Healthcare Admin. He is an independent journalist  who has numerous  awards from Society of Prof. Journalists and is an accomplished screenwriter as well.

Our Associates are an  important and integral part of the Kids Read program. They assist us with their skills and support to help us succeed ! 

Rosette Najjemba

Kampala, Uganda

​  Acting  Secretary

      CLIP  Tutor

Robert has been a supporter of Kids Read and has sponsored 2 libraries, the Turtle in Kosovo and the Elephant in Kisugu.  He has donated to our food program and will sponsor the Rhinoceros  library.  He is an accomplished artist and worked in service industries his entire life.  

   Edison Musanje

Associate/CLIP Tutor

Jackie, who spent her career as an appraiser,  has a  heart of gold and compassion and a way with words !  She has been involved in charity work for many years. She is currently assisting with the Adopt a Native Elder Group in Utah, a former KidsEat! volunteer and happily accepted the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors for Kids Read.

       David Muyanja

     Kampala, Uganda

​CFO, Financial Director

​CLIP Program Advisor


Jeannine is a retired Social Worker, tutor and creator of several  children's  library programs. She is an active advocate for the literacy and education of children. She mentored refugee  students in classes where "English as a second language" was taught.  She brings insight to CLIP that only a seasons professional dealing with chldren can provide. 

Lynda Smart Brown

Murray, Utah  USA

Karla is an International Award Winning Author of several books,  holds a  Master's Degree from the University of Utah in Speech Pathology and runs the U Can Learn children's center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She is instrumental in the formation of our  CLIP at-home education program and brings her knowledge of education to our newest gift to our children.

Sharifah is a gentle, loving person who is very hard working. She loves children and they gravitate to her so naturally. She has organized and researched the Kids Read organization in its beginnings and has formed a strong team of artisans, publishers and community leaders to assist in the launching of our libraries. She has an amazing work ethic.  She will  act as Director of CLIP,  our at home education program and be the liason between the  US and UG Teams. We are happy this 22 year old woman is on our team!  Sharifah is currently on a leave of absence  pursuing some personal goals. 

    Eric Froisland  JD

Salt Lake City, Ut USA 

Humble is a great friend to Kids Read and comes from Katwe, our first CLIP city. His ability to see the children from a different view than most make his pictures stunning and most interesting. He captures our kids joy and expressions so well !

Bob was the VP of the Greater Salt Lake Boys & Girls Clubs, and Pres. of the South Valley Boys & Girls Clubs and brings his leadership, grant & funding skills to the KR program.  Formerly on the KidsEat! Board. Received the Governor's Career Humanitarian Leadership Award after 40 years caring for the children at Boys & Girls Clubs. 

Sharifah Ahimbisibwe  

   (Sharifah Shantall)

    Kampala, Uganda

  Operations & CLIP 


   Sam Bagenda

Kampala, Uganda

  CEO- Founder

CLIP Procurement 

​        Director