Kosovo Library 


Faizol Bugolobi 

Saidi Muhammad


Kabalagala Library

​            Lion

  Ndebba Library


Kikomeko Ivan Batte 

      Youth Chairman

Kabalagala Parish, Makinde Division, Kampala District

Kibuli Library 

​      Giraffe

          Nalwoga Ramiah 

Coming Soon

Nsambya Library

​             Hippo

Douglas Lubega

Kibuye Library 

​            Kudu

Each library needs a person to watch over it along with the books and the children. Their responsibility is to maintain the integrity of the library and the location that has been chosen.  They are the heart of our organization as they are the ones working directly with the children. They will identify our "Reader Leaders" and help establish  the success of their area.  We are proud of these people who have volunteered to assist us and grateful they have chosen to help us with this important position. 

Coming Soon

​​Katwe Library 



Kasanga Library