Katwe is the location of the Kids Read 3rd Little Library.  Donated by Martin Smart of Utah, it is the Gorilla Library.  The rains let up long enough for our  team of helpers to premiere this valuable library to some very excited children.  As per our routine, each child got a fruity drink and a piece of cake ~


Here Sam explains what Kids Eat is by using the new poster to show them other kids just like them !  We  help Little Learners Read !

It is inspiring to us to see how enthusiastic  the children are to receive this gift !

Children showing off their new books ! Much joy was expressed. 

Dedicating a library is a time for gratitude and a dedicatory prayer is offered by one of the children named FIK in the red hat.  Here they  bow heads and children momentarily go silent  as FIK  prays and they all give thanks for this gift. 

The Tortoise/Turtle Library making girls and boys smile !

Here Secreatary Salt helps feed a small child some cake. 


         Donated by Robert Dean of Sugarhouse, Utah.  Children braved the rain to be                there and the Kids Read Team did a great job of organizing this event !

The Nsambya Little Library was gifted to the children of Nsambya by Jeannine Marlowe and family. This is the 5th library Kids Read has dedicated.  More children turned out for this than at any previous dedication.!  We added 2 new features: the Sanitation Station where children were taught the importance of washing their hands  and we added a wonderful banner announcing our presence that day!  Great job by our Uganda Team ~

CEO Sam Bagenda explains the Gorilla as 

a Mascot to the librry to a young admirer.

Two curious little boys check out the library.

Housing in Katwe 

Washing hands  at the
"Sanitation Station".

Kids love a party and here they show off their beverages they just got. Now for a  bite of cake too.

Children bring their brothers and sisters via piggy back !

A huge thank you to our Ugandan team who made this happen.  L-R. Sharifah Shantall, Dir. of Operations,  Sam Bagenda, CEO and Salt Swartz our Secretary. 

Dedicated  December 17, 2019

Kids Read staff consisting of David Muyanja, Dir. of Finance and Sharifah Shantall, Operations Director,  pose with kids prior to distributing books.

Excited kids showing off their first book ~

Children arrive by piggy back with siblings, then get organized by Sam,  Sharifah and Makindye Division Children's Chairman Kikomekeo Batte into lines prior

to learning about hand washing.  

Cake and a beverage are provided to each child at the dedication of the library. This is a rare treat for them.


      Dedicated February 9, 2020 


 SATURDAY,  SEPT. 21ST was the date of the premiere of our 2nd little library ~ the 

Giraffe Library donated by Jackie Detmers of Sandy Utah.

Our stellar crew consisting of l-r  Salt, Sharifah, Sam and Edison get things ready for the premiere of the library in Katwe.    Below the kids line up with their drinks... a rare treat for them. 

In spite of the rain, we had a great turnout at the premier of the Turtle Library.  Here the children huddle under a roof while it rains and they wait for the party to begin.

       KATWE  !

Premiered Nov. 9, 2019

Children enjoyed a nice beverage and cake along with getting their first books !


Sharifah meeting with children the day before the event as she passes out invites.

Commissioner Chico and Kabalagala Reader Leader Trevor getting ready to hand out books. 

Kids love the books !  Even the boy on the right with the shirt on his head to stay dry !

And the boy pulling the funny face in front of him.  !!

Our first "Little Library" was launched on August  4th, 2019 to the delight of all the children that came to get their books. Each child was given a flavored drink and told how to use the library.  ​City Officials were present.   The  Lion  Library was donated by Jackie Detmers & Lynda Brown of Utah

Children crowd around the little library to see the books which now belong to them. 

Children holding invite flyer to library premiere.