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We need sponsors for CLIP, our at home educational program.  Children can no longer gather at our 'Little Libraries" so we are taking the educational workbooks directly to the children.  Appropriate level workbooks are being provided to children to learn at home with the help of the Kids Read Tutors.    ​​$100 will educate a child for a year.  Please contact Lynda Brown above to sponsor a child and get their picture and future info about him/her.  Children are waiting to learn !


We want to hear from you !

We would love to hear from you. Simply email us :

In the USA contact Lynda Brown at:

In Uganda contact : David Muyanja at:

                                  THIS  PROGRAM IS ON HOLD  UNTIL  AFTER THE  PANDEMIC

Sponsoring a  "Little Library" is easy.  The cost includes the library, 150 books,  travel and installation fees,  pre-launch flyers and notifications, plus cake and drinks for all the children who attend.  We can do this for only $400 !  Each sponsor gets to name the library mascot and will have a personalized  name plate on it too.   Won't you join us in helping these children in their journey to succeed?