Bob Dunn Fundraising Advisor

Douglas Lubega


      Gorilla Library

Charity Ssango

   Feed 2 Read


​​​​Emily Cruz Evensen

     Intern, Advisor

Sharifah Nayiga "Salt Swartz" 

 CLIP Director

It takes a team of dedicated international volunteers to make sure our MISSION is reaching as many children as possible. Our goal is to provide children access to free books, education, and nutrition. We're fortunate to have the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

    Semijju Ali


Chickadee Library

Rosette Najjemba Secretary

 CLIP Tutor

Jeannine Marlowe


Mary Nakyeyune 

Tutor in Training

​              Katwe

​​​​​​​​Bbale Jenifer


Elephant Library

Shaun Delliskave Consultant, Grants

Namakula Rukia Muhammad

Tutor, Kibuli

Kikomeko Ivan Batte   KABALAGALA

​          Lion Library

Namuyonba "Lala" Bridget

Tutor, Kabalagala 

Preston Peifer


Nalwoga Ramulah KOSOVO

      Turtle Library

Sam Bagenda Founder and CEO

   Programs Director

 Lynda Smart Brown

Founder, President 

Ryland J. Shaw

Social Media 

Eric Froisland


David Muyanja

COO, CFO &  CLIP Program Advisor



Ram Library

Sahalu Muhammad 

Tutor, Kibuli 

Eric Froisland Board Attorney

Uganda Team

Nakityo Peace Olivia NSAMBYA

Hippo Library 

Robert "Bob" Dean Advisor Kids Read

Sharifah "Salt" Nayiga Tutor, Katwe

US Team

Saidi Muhammad KIBULI

​    Giraffe Library



​Dolphin Library

Kids Read Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors protect and preserve our libraries and the books inside. They are responsible for the success of our library program. They also assist our Tutors in helping our children as they learn to  "Read and Succeed."

Kigguli Shafik

Juma "Humble" 

 Photographer, F2R

Karla M. Jay 


Kids Read CLIP Tutors

Our Tutors are the heart of our CLIP education program. They are the ones mentoring and teaching our children as they learn to Read and Succeed.

Najjembe Rosette Tutor, Nsambya

Jackie Detmers Sectretary

Fatumba Tyson


Leopard Library

Nalwanga Lukiya


Listed below is the Board of Directors of the Kids Read Foundation.

 Feed To Read Foundation Board of Directors

The Feed 2 Read Program is the source of nutrition for the mental and physical growth of our children.

Jackie Detmers


Lynda Brown