Donate to all 4 programs ($1,150 value) for $1,000 donation. BE A HERO!  You'll be  providing books to go into a chosen library and as a CLIP sponsor you get a picture of your darling child today. Navigate to the donate page and click Be A Hero.
We supply face masks, sleeping nets to prevent Malaria, sanitation stations for hand washing, mats to sit on and an ongoing supply of crayons, chalk, charts, books, snacks, and more to reach the many children that we care for.   

 Children that are hungry can't learn. Our goal is to provide at least one meal a day to our kids and a snack with their learning session each week. Your donation will help us reach that goal and put food in their tummies to help feed their bodies and minds. 
When you sponsor a child into CLIP education program you give them a chance they may never have had to learn. Our children from impoverished areas  now have a friend in you. We take the learning process to them for a full year. A dedicated Tutor will assist them in learning from kindergarten on up. You get a picture of your child plus updates on their progress and they get a picture of you as well. They also get a face mask, sleeping net and mat to sit upon. 
We currently have 12 donated libraries in UG. We are placing libraries in Title One School  neighborhoods in Utah now too!.  Each new library we provide gives 100 more children a chance at an education.  As a donor you get to choose the mascot,  and your name on a plaque as the donor.  Each dedication ceremony for a new library provides the  children with a party, cake, (rare treats in UG) 150 books and an Ambassador to oversee the library and the program. In Uganda it also includes a blackboard, chalk and charts for additional learning.