-Little Learners' Libraries

-CLIP (Children Learning Independently Program)

-Health & Wellness

-Feed 2 Read Nutrition Program

Since Fall of 2019, the sole purpose of Kids Read has been to provide under-served children in Uganda with educational support. We have done this with a ‘Little Learners Library’ placed in each of our locations. Children are encouraged to take a book, read it and return it for another. Most children can’t read, so we have picture books and reader tutorials to aid the children.  Our local Ambassadors and Tutors provide the help they need to learn to Read & Succeed. In August, 2021 we added the Feed 2 Read Nutrition Program to feed the minds and bodies of children.


​​-Donate a library

-Sponsor a child into CLIP     home learning program

-Nourish a child with
  Feed 2 Read

-Essential Health & Wellness    Extras

-Hero Gift Set
We have 4 programs currently in place:

Corporate sponsors: