We have 4 programs currently in place:

Corporate sponsors:


​​-Donate a library

-Sponsor a child into CLIP     home learning program

-Nourish a child with
  Feed 2 Read

-Essential Health & Wellness    Extras

-Hero Gift Set


-Little Learners' Libraries

-CLIP (Children Learning Independently Program)

-Health & Wellness

-Feed 2 Read Nutrition Program

Since Fall of 2019, the sole purpose of Kids Read has been to provide under-served children in Uganda with educational support. We have done this with a ‘Little Learners Library’ placed in each of our locations. Children are encouraged to take a book, read it and return it for another. Since most children can’t read, we have picture books and reader tutorials to aid the children in enjoying a book and learning. Our local Ambassadors and Tutors provide the help they need to learn to Read & Succeed.